Dangerous Pacific Northwest Heat Wave Suspected in Seven Deaths

 Authorities in the Portland, Oregon, area said they would keep cooling shelters open until Sunday night as a record-breaking heatwave is likely to bring scorching weather to the normally temperate region. often.   At least seven people are believed to have died from hyperthermia since the heatwave began a week ago. Portland broadcaster KOIN-TV reported on the most recent  heat-related death  announced Saturday by Clackamas County officials. County officials said the elderly man died at his own home, where he did not have a working air conditioner. Six other  suspected hyperthermia deaths occurred earlier this week in Multnomah, Umatilla and Marion counties.   Multnomah County spokeswoman Jessica Mokert-Shibley said the county, the city of Portland and other organizations will keep overnight cooling centers open through Sunday night. Nearly 250 people used the shelter overnight  Friday night, she said.   Temperatures hit near triple digits in Portland for the whole week, peaking at 102